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The Aluminum Association - The Aluminum Association is the trade association for producers of primary aluminum, recyclers and semi-fabricated aluminum products, as well as suppliers to the industry. - www.aluminum.org

ARCAT - Find building products, specifications, and CAD details easily and free. - www.arcat.com

Building Products - Construction industry journal bringing latest news and developments within the industry. - www.buildingproducts.co.uk

Buildingtalk - Buildingtalk is a news and information website aimed at Architects, Civil Engineers and Building Services Contractors throughout the world. - www.buildingtalk.com

Council for Aluminum in Building (CAB) - The Council for Aluminum in Building is the trade association representing companies and organisations that use aluminum products or supply them to the construction industry. - www.c-a-b.org.uk

Metal Construction Association - www.metalconstruction.org

Metal Initiative - The Metal Initiative is an industry-wide program designed to educate building owners, architects, and contractors about the use and selection of metal roofs and walls in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. - www.metalinitiative.com

Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) - The Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association represents the major manufacturers in the metal roofing and cladding industry and seeks to foster and develop a better understanding among specifiers and end users of the most effective use of metal building products, components and systems. - www.mcrma.co.uk

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) - NRCA is one of the construction industry's oldest trade associations and the voice of professional roofing contractors worldwide. - www.nrca.net

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) - The Royal Institute of British Architects is one of the most influential architectural institutions in the world, has been promoting architecture and architects since being awarded its Royal Charter in 1837 with a remit for ' the general advancement of architecture'. Today's mission statement continues to embody that sentiment. - www.riba.org


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