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New LokFaçadePlus

LokfacadePlusLokFaçade is designed to provide a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing cladding solution for soffits, fascias, canopies and external walls.

LokFaçadePlus now takes that concept to a new level.

Based on Centria's common-lock joint design, LokFaçadePlus offers all the advantages of LokFaçade in a premium product. Featuring concealed fasteners for a clean, unbroken appearance, the most striking feature of LokFaçadePlus is the range of 12 different panel designs, all of which are interchangeable, to provide completely unique visual effects. In addition, LokFaçadePlus is available in smooth or stucco embossed finishes and in a variety of substrates including steel, aluminium, zinc and stainless steel.

LokFaçadePlus is installed in the same way as standard LokFaçade. The first panel is fixed in place to the substrate. Subsequent panels are then simply pushed into place together with mineral fibre insulation in the void behind the exterior façade depending on thermal requirements. The trailing edge of the panel is then fixed in place before adding the next panel.



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